Do you put off trips because it’s too overwhelming to plan the details? Or perhaps you don’t go on extended trips because it interrupts your fitness routine. If you are like most people, the answer is probably YES. Now, by booking with JetSweat, you can give yourself the vacation you deserve. We take the hassle of planning the details so you don’t have to.

Book now, buy your air ticket, and just show up!!!

At JetSweat Retreats, we are all about adventure, travel, and FUN! While we are absolutely into fitness, these trips are also about meeting new people, getting the chance to let loose and relax, and generally just have a great time.

We give you the chance to participate in a well-balanced escape, where training activities and yoga classes are beautifully combined with sunshine, delicious food, and socializing. When you’re not getting active and sweaty in one of our class options, you’ll no doubt be enjoying a more leisurely activity, whether it’s sunbathing by the pool, shopping, enjoying the spa, or enjoying a tropical beverage by the beach.

Your happiness and enjoyment is our main priority, which means that your level of activity and involvement is entirely up to you. JetSweat is for ALL fitness levels. We are not a detox retreat where you’ll be eating kale and drinking green juices all week. We’d rather you enjoy the delicious local cuisine and all that our unique destinations have to offer.

Sweat, sun, yoga, fitness, and fun … we can’t think of a better way to escape! We look forward to having you at our next retreat!