Bader (pronounced Bāh- there) is one of those people you'll never forget once you meet him. He has an enthusiasm for life that is very inspiring, particularly when it comes to healthy living and mindset. He has found that perfect balance of work, travel, friendships, and self-care, and that is infectious! He has been a personal trainer and life coach for 10 years in Los Angeles and has a range of clients including athletes, mamas-to-be, post-ops, etc.

Given his Moroccan roots, Bader loves food (Don't try to eat sweet potato fries in front of him, they'll be gone!), soccer, and tea time. Yep, the man loves his mint green tea. In his free time, you can find him mapping out his travel bucket list especially to tropical destinations. Bader is excited to travel and train with our future Jetsweaters and trust that you'll have a great time with him. Some moments you will laugh until your stomach hurts and other times you'll be dripping with sweat. On that note, pura vida friends! See you soon.



Adee is a yoga instructor, dancer, personal trainer, and health coach. She is almost always smiling and aims to make everything she does fun! As a new Californian, she loves spending time at the beach and is likely the first one to jump in the water. R&B and Hip Hop music are her favorites, and she is always jamming to music in her free time.

Adee believes that movement is essential to a happy, healthy lifestyle, and that there is a form of movement for everyone. She encourages you to find what you love, and do it! Much of her yoga is free flowing and looks different on every body - that is the beauty of it. Trained in Vinyasa Yoga, her classes will bring awareness to breathe and help you tune in and connect with your body.

You can find Adee on Youtube Flow With Adee where she creates yoga tutorials and full length classes. If splits are a goal of yours, Adee is your girl!



Samantha Kozuch is an athletic, beach living, entrepreneur. Samantha turned her passion for fitness into a long career as a sought after fitness model and personal/group fitness trainer. She believes in living a healthy and balanced lifestyle; anything in moderation is okay!

She resides in sunny Santa Monica, CA, and embraces the active lifestyle daily from starting her morning running on the beach, to teaching group fitness classes in the evenings. She loves to weight train and meal prep on Sundays! On the weekends you can find her brunching with her girlfriends at local hot spots or playing a game of beach volleyball. She loves rap music and is always seeking the next best tequila cocktail, at the top of her list is the Festival De Las Flores at The MisFit in Santa Monica.

Samantha loves to inspire others to achieve their health and fitness goals and creating fun and butt kicking workout programs! She’s looking forward to meeting and sweating with the next group of future JetSweaters!